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We have the knowledge, team, tenacity, drive, skills, and passion to help you reach your goals.
A franchise is a type of business that is owned and operated by an individual (franchisee) but is branded and overseen by a national company (the franchisor). The franchisee takes advantage of the franchisor’s experience and systems to excel and succeed in their business. Franchising is a way to be in business for yourself without being in business by yourself.
The secret sauce of franchising is following a well-executed system of branding, marketing, and operations. Majestic Residences covers all the bases to get the results current residential care home operators and potential business owners crave.

Even with COVID-19 upon us, the smaller Residential Assisted Living Homes are in demand. That makes it absolutely the right time to franchise for the following reasons:

  • There is a growing market with built-in demand.
  • The industry is extremely fragmented with “mom and pop” homes which prove the demand.
  • The industry has unorganized and substandard marketing.
  • The industry hasn’t adapted to technology that can be used to improve resident care, general office, and back-end management.
  • Individual homes lack branding power and scalability.
  • Smaller homes have not been widely affected by COVID unlike larger assisted living and nursing homes have been.
We offer:
  • A systemwide approach to marketing and operations to end the “mom and pop” label.
  • A well-oiled marketing machine with relationships with hundreds of placement agents, as well as insurance companies and other national players in the industry.
  • A suite of technology that the residential care home industry has never seen before.
  • Exclusive activities and programming.
  • A powerful branding platform that grows every time a new franchisee comes aboard.
Majestic Residences franchisees take advantage of years of professional franchising, branding, marketing, and residential care home operational experience to increase their profitability. Our partnerships help our franchisees meet their personal and business goals. Majestic Residences’ strategy includes merging national branding like the national providers with the excellent care of residential homes, and the customer services of a five-star resort.
Too many residential care home providers are islands by themselves, trying to compete with other homes around them, as well as larger communities while caring for their residents. Majestic Residences has strategies to make us stand out. Our national partnerships and extensive relationships also assist with creating success with our brand.

A Brand has the power to change behavior. A Brand isn’t just a logo or a name, it involves how consumers view a company and its service. A brand is a living and breathing entity that continues to gain brand equity as long as it delivers on its Mission, Vision, and Values.

The residential care home industry has not taken advantage of the power of branding. For example, the vast majority of Americans couldn’t name a residential care home, but they could name one or two of the large national assisted living companies.

Majestic Residences was recently named one of five “Senior Living Providers to Watch in 2021” by The Founders of Majestic Residences have built companies from scratch to become nationally recognized names in this industry. Our team members are determined, seasoned, and extremely successful assisted living and franchise professionals. We are also well-financed to take this brand to where it needs to go.
The success of Majestic Residences is going to happen, the question is… “Are you going to be part of that success?”

Are You Right For A Franchise?

At Majestic Residences, we don’t “Sell Franchises,” we “Award Them” to people that we believe will make great franchise owners by partnering with us.

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Residential Assisted Living

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Franchising is can help you get started quicker, make fewer mistakes and take advantage of a great Brand.

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Our Founders & Team

There's no better team of experts to help you reach your goals. Majestic Residences has what can be called "All-Stars" in the industry.

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Our Unique Franchise Paths

No matter where you are in your business journey, we have a franchise path for you.

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Our Franchise Support System

One of the most important determinants of your success is our support.

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Our Current Locations

Our goal is 300 to 400 franchise partners across the country. See where we are now.

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