Path #1

You already own a residential assisted living home

Learn More About Partnering With Us With Your Current Home

Path #2

You want to own or lease a home and personally operate a Majestic Residences franchise

Learn More About Leasing / Purchasing and Operating A Home

Path #3

You want to invest in the Real Estate and hire an Operations Manager

Learn More About Owning The Real Estate and Hiring An Operations Manager

Our Flexible Model For You

An Assisted Living Franchise Built For You and Your Needs

Whether you already own a residential assisted living home, want to purchase and run one, or want to be an investor and hire staff, Majestic Residences has the senior care franchise path for you.
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What Should We Learn About Next?

Residential Senior Living Home

Residential Assisted Living

The residential assisted living industry has been around for over three decades, but it's relatively new in some areas of the country.

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Franchising is can help you get started quicker, make fewer mistakes and take advantage of a great Brand.

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Our Founders & Team

There's no better team of experts to help you reach your goals. Majestic Residences has what can be called "All-Stars" in the industry.

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Our Unique Franchise Paths

No matter where you are in your business journey, we have a franchise path for you.

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Our Franchise Support System

One of the most important determinants of your success is our support.

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Our Current Locations

Our goal is 300 to 400 franchise partners across the country. See where we are now.

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How Franchising Will Disrupt The Residential Assisted Living Industry Report

Disruptive marketing means turning all the marketing rules upside down, shaking things up, and changing the perception not just about your company but about the industry as a whole. The Residential Assisted Living industry is primed for franchising and many owners are seeing increased profits because of it Download this FREE report about what to expect.
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10 Characteristics of a Great Franchisee

Would you make a good franchisee? Do you have what it takes to meet higher profitability? Find out by reading this. Download this FREE report to learn if you are.
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9 Characteristics of a Great Franchisor

Before partnering with a franchise system you have to know what makes great franchise systems great. Download this FREE report to learn about who they are.
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