What Creates Success In Franchising

Before you commit to a franchise, you MUST KNOW that the franchisors are absolute experts in the industry.  The Co-Founders and the team are nationally recognized names in the business. Consider that checkbox checked many times over.

Meet The Founders And The Team

Chuck Bongiovanni

Chuck Bongiovanni

Co-Founder & CEO
Gene Guarino

The Late Gene Guarino

Co-Founder Director of Operations
Tony Zerilli

Tony Zerilli

Franchise Operations Manager
Shannon McInnis

Shannon McInnis

Director of Franchise Development & Compliance

What Should We Learn About Next?

Residential Senior Living Home

Residential Assisted Living

The residential assisted living industry has been around for over three decades, but it's relatively new in some areas of the country.

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Franchising is can help you get started quicker, make fewer mistakes and take advantage of a great Brand.

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Our Founders & Team

There's no better team of experts to help you reach your goals. Majestic Residences has what can be called "All-Stars" in the industry.

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Our Unique Franchise Paths

No matter where you are in your business journey, we have a franchise path for you.

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Our Franchise Support System

One of the most important determinants of your success is our support.

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Our Current Locations

Our goal is 300 to 400 franchise partners across the country. See where we are now.

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