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The Truth About The Current Residential Assisted Living Industry. – 

The residential care home industry doesn’t receive the respect it deserves from the healthcare continuum. Their perception is that residential care homes are disorganized, “mom and pop” unprofessional homes that think they’re as good as an assisted living communities.

Most of the nation has never heard of a residential care home. Majestic Residences is not only going to change that perception but we will position Majestic Residences into the national spotlight.  We actually already have.

What Does Brookdale, Atria, and Sunrise Senior Living Have That You Don’t?- 

This can be answered in few words, National Branding, and a Recognizable Name. How many more referrals per month would you get if your name was as recognized as theirs?

Partnering with a Franchise system can be a profitable business Your current Residential Care Home most likely exceeds the care delivered in the “Big Box” communities, but families know their names and not yours.  Majestic Residences can change that

Do I Still Own My Home and Business? – 

You absolutely still own your home and business.  You simply agree to partner with us and our operating systems and programs.  You’ll see that following our system can greatly increase your occupancy and profitability.

Do I Have To Change The Name of My Care Home? –

Absolutely not. The only thing that is required is that you add a “Tagline” on the bottom of your logo that reads “by Majestic Residences”  For example, if your care home name is “Faithfully Yours”, you would simply use “Faithfully Yours, a Majestic Residences.”  However, if you haven’t opened your home yet and want to fully brand with Majestic Residences, you can choose that option also.

Are There Any Monthly Royalty Fees? 

All franchise systems have monthly royalty fees for being a part of the system and for their services.  You’ll pay a small royalty of your gross revenue to partner with us, however, we have strategies to help you to run your home more efficiently to increase your profitability to make up the difference.

Would filling your beds with higher-paying residents help your profitability?  We’ll not only show you how we’ll show you why you can.

How Can You Help Me Marketing To Get More Tours? –

Majestic Residences has contracts with national healthcare partners, long term care insurance companies and much more.

Chuck Bongiovanni is one of the founders and the President of the National Placement and Referral Alliance, the national trade association for placement agents, which has over 600 placement agents as members with many of them fully supporting Majestic Residences.

Majestic Residences knows the inner workings of placement agents and will train our franchisees on how to be a placement agent’s number one choice in your area.

Why Should You Believe That Majestic Residences Can Make A Difference? –

That’s a fair question.  When Co-Founder, Chuck Bongiovanni started his first business, CarePatrol in Phoenix, Arizona, many thought he was crazy and wouldn’t make a difference.  Within a few years, he disrupted the Senior Placement Industry forever with the largest Senior Placement franchise the nation has ever seen.  

His eyes and the rest of the team are now set to do the same in the Residential Care Home Industry.  

The only thing that is missing is you

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