Shannon McInnis

Director of Franchise Development & Compliance

Shannon McInnis

Shannon McInnis brings to Majestic Residences a strong background in franchise development, sales management, and franchise compliance experience.   Shannon also brings with her a long working history and synergy with Chuck Bongiovanni, one of the Co-Founders of Majestic Residences.

Shannon began her franchising experience with Assisted Transition, a Senior Placement Franchise in 2012 until it was acquired by CarePatrol Franchise Systems, LLC in September of 2015. Shannon served as the Chief Compliance Officer and Franchise Development Manager for CarePatrol Franchise Systems from September of 2015 to  December of 2018.

She continued to work for CarePatrol through the acquisition by Best Life Brands as a Franchise Development & Support Manager until February of 2020. She recently served as a Sales Operations Manager for ZeeSprout, a Look Good Brands Company, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

We are happy to have her part of the team and reunited for success to bring another franchise system into the national spotlight.

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