Can You Compete Against Brookdale Or Atria?

The "What If's" Of Care Home Owners

You’ve heard it before or probably have said it to Yourself;

  • “If only I had the brand name like Brookdale, Sunrise or Atria.”
  • “We give better care, but no one knows about us!”
  • “Why do the big places get all the tours?”

Yes, at Majestic Residences, we have heard the same questions for many, many years.  Is there an answer?  We believe so.  Much too often families place their loved ones in large facilities because they don’t know your home exists.

It happens every single day in your and countless other cities across the country.

But, why does this happen?

Here’s A Secret, It’s Not Their Marketing!

It’s not Brookdale’sm Sunrise’s or Atria’s marketing that gets them all the resident tours.

It’s their Branding and Scalability that brings in all the residents.  

Think about it:

If you were in a new town and were looking for hamburgers for you and your family, would you go to McDonald’s or Bob’s Grill & Bar?

My guess is McDonald’s.  But why?  Because they have a national reputation. Bob’s Grill may have better food, but your family will never find out.  The same thing happens when families are looking for care for their loved ones, they don’t know your home, but they know the big boys.  And just like Bob’s Grill, you have a better service.

Having a recognizable name is the first step in branding and scaling in the industry,

The founders of Majestic Residences have built small companies to nationally recognized brands.  They will do the same with Majestic Residences. named Majestic Residences as a “Senior Providers To Watch In 2021.”

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